A Conspiracy to Supply Drugs, Case Study Indictment.

A Conspiracy to Supply Drugs, Case Study Indictment.


Below is a sample indictment of a Conspiracy to Supply Controlled Drugs Matter.

An indictment is not usually prepared until the case has been sent to the Crown Court.

The case begins life in the Magistrates Court under the authority of a charge similar to an indictment and is to be found on a charge sheet.

Once at the Crown Court the case is reviewed by the Prosecution and a perfected Indictment is prepared as seen below.  Any anomalies such as dates or times, spelling corrections or even defendant names are amended and an indictment is served upon the Defence team.

The indictment forms the backbone of the Prosecution case.

An indictment sets out the Defendants name, the Statement of Offence defines the Conspiracy and the particulars of the offence refers to the circumstances of the conspiracy relative to the matter itself in this example relating to drugs.   Equally it could be any other offence.

The particulars section specifies not just the substance of the conspiracy ie Drugs or sale and transfer of weapons but crucially with whom the Defendant conspired and between what dates.

The URN denotes a number and that number identifies the case within the Court system.




IN THE CROWN COURT AT “Name of Crown Court”


THE KING – v – Joe Bloggs


Joe Bloggs  is charged as follows:


                                                                                STATEMENT OF OFFENCE

CONSPIRACY TO SUPPLY A CONTROLLED DRUG OF CLASS B, Contrary to section 1(1) of the Criminal Law Act 1977.


Joe Bloggs between the 1st day of May 2022 and the 1st day of April 2023 conspired with John Doe and others to supply a controlled drug of class B, namely cannabis, contrary to section 4(1)of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

Officer of the Court


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