The 5 Biggest Accident Black Spots On St Helens Roads

Every town and city has their black spots on their roads. They generally centre around roundabouts, blind corners or difficult to negotiate junctions, with the severity of accidents usually increasing in relation to the speed limits on the surrounding roads. Here we look at the top 5 spots which regularly see a car accident in St Helens, and how it compares with the rest of the country.

Which accident types are recorded in these statistics?

The official figures available only include personal injury accidents on public roads which are reported to the police, so minor bumps where their attendance is not required are not represented. We have interpreted the official Department for Transports data from the full 2018 accident report and identified the top 5 black spots on the roads in and around St Helens.

1. Windle Island- A580/Rainford Road

This busy junction which connects two of St.Helens’ busiest A roads with a busy B road is the most likely place a car accident will occur, based on figures from 2018.

2. St Helens Linkway – A570

This roundabout near McDonalds is multi-laned and has rather poor visibility from many directions, which is likely to be a factor in the amount of accidents that are seen here.

3. A58/A571 roundabout

This busy town centre roundabout is on a main route for motorists passing through St Helens and accessing the town centre. Very busy at rush hour in particular, many accidents cause delays on the linkway here.

4. Prescot Road A570

Prescot Road is dual carriageway in parts and accidents are a regular occurrence along this stretch. It’s  the main route to Prescot from St Helens and access to the interchanges to major routes into Liverpool.

5. Junction of East Lancashire Road and Carr Mill Road

Where Carr Mill Road crosses the East Lancs dual carriage way is a hotspot for accidents. This popular B road creates a crossroads with this major arterial route and crosses 2 lanes of high speed traffic and various filter lanes, making bumps and crashes here a regular sight.

Where are the most dangerous roads in the UK?


We looked at the stats for most dangerous roads in the UK. It’s unsurprising that the top spot for the riskiest motorway is in London.

With the amount of traffic around the capital the risk of accidents is much higher with the 117 mile long M25, also known as the London Orbital, hitting the top spot.


The most dangerous A-road in the country is also in the south, with the A38, also known as the Devon Expressway seeing a high concentration of crashes.

Despite the M5 being built to ease traffic in the area, this route remains highly popular for holiday makers as it’s an arterial highway to the most popular destinations including Somerset, Devon and Cornwall.

The North West

The North West’s most accident-prone road is the A49.

In 2015, this stretch of road was named as the country’s worst for accident figures, seeing 2 fatalities in as many months. Although it isn’t currently topping the numbers for the worst in the UK, it remains the region’s most high-risk stretch to drive on.

If I’ve been in accident can you help?

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