Legal advice that talks your language

Winston Churchill once said, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

Since I proudly established IMS Law almost twenty years ago now times have certainly changed.

St Helens, the town we call home, along with the local residents we continue to serve has also changed.

IMS Law may now look a bit different but change doesn’t have to be a scary word.

The old, traditional view of a solicitor is less relevant today. People are tired of jargon and rhetoric, and are instead looking for legal advice that talks their language.

That’s what we do at IMS.

At IMS we are proud to help people when they need it most. Whether you’ve had a bump in the car, an accident at work or a fall in the street, with us you’re in good hands.

At IMS we are proud to support clients throughout the claim process. Our legal experts take the time to personally keep you informed every step of the way.

At IMS we are proud to represent those who need a voice. We understand that every case is different, but for whatever reason you require a solicitor in St Helens, we’re on your side.

With IMS there’s no need to panic, just phone us first.

Offering the same trusted advice you’ve come to expect from us, at IMS we are now ready to serve our town and its people for the next twenty years.

Iain MacDonald 
Director of IMS Law

Call IMS now on 01744 612549 for a free initial consultation.

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