Work Accident Kindle Book Released

We have recently released and published a book to help prospective clients and others with their Work Accident Claims.

The book has been published on Amazon Kindle Books and can be purchased for the grand sum of 77 pence (£00.77)  or of course free to Kindle Unlimited Users.

The book is entitled Accident At Work, Compensation, In A Nutshell.

It is part of our In A Nutshell Series we are publishing to help our Clients and Community and is written not as legal advice but a guide and pointer

to issues raised by many of our Clients.

Hopefully the book answers many questions and probably raises them as well.  So feel free to call us about your claim.

Emergency calls can be made on 07793464380.  (24/7) or daytime 01744 612549.

If you require a free copy of our book email:  

and Kim will email you a PDF version.

Many thanks.


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